Help us Help you Get Rid of that Junk Vehicle

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The Phoenix area is littered with old, junky scrap vehicles ripe for the picking! There is no purpose for these morning migraines you are experiencing.  So many people don’t know about the resources to get rid of these cars, but we do, so in this blog I will teach you about our company and what we do and how you can help us clean up the city!

A lot of people think the process of getting rid of an unwanted car is extremely time consuming. However, many people don’t even know that there is an option. Well, there is an option, an amazing option that will be beneficial to your bank account.  If you have a junk vehicle that you no longer have any use for and is collecting dust in your driveway, Call us today! We are the leading cash for scrap cars company located right in the Phoenix area. Next time you have decided the time has come to get rid of that annoying junk vehicle, call us up and we will take care of you. You will be greeted by one of our many professional car buyers and the car buyer will ask you a few questions regarding the vehicles condition and the proof of ownership. You will be on the phone for less than 5 minutes guaranteed! The car buyer will offer you a quote over the phone that you probably can’t refuse because you’re sick of the car anyway. If you agree to the quote, you will quickly schedule a pick up time for the vehicle that works for you and when that time has arrived for our driver to pick up that awful, poor excuse of a car, he will pay you the exact amount of cash you were quoted on the spot and tow the car out of your sights for good, leaving you with a handful of cash!

There are actually quite a few Junk Removal Companies in the Phoenix area, but, not all of them are licensed and bonded! Many of them will also give you a quote over the phone that sounds pretty good; only for them to show up offering you much less than what you originally were quoted over the phone using some pushy sales tactics. We are 100% legal and we guarantee our quotes! Don’t go with a company that is going to lie to you over the phone and illegally tow your vehicle away! Let’s say you have one of the illegal car companies pick up your junk vehicle and they are driving down the road with your car attached to their unsafe tow truck, all of a sudden the car comes off and causes a 10 car pileup! Since the driver was illegally operating and didn’t provide you with any proper documentation, that all comes back on you! Have some peace of mind and be treated with respect!

So remember, don’t just go with the first company in Phoenix you find when it comes to junking a car you or a loved one are ready to get rid of. Do a little bit of research and call around for quotes and make sure to ask if those quotes are guaranteed! Call the Junk Car Boys, because we guarantee the highest prices in town for any junk vehicle you might have and we guarantee the best customer service you ever experienced!

Call us at 855-355-7243.