we buy unwanted cars & send a tow truck to pickup and pay. It's that simple!

Hi! We are the Junk Car Boys and we buy cars all across the USA!

We have been buying America’s cars for over 8 years now.

We have car buying locations in almost every major US city.

If you are interested in selling your car, then give us a call or fill out an online form.

We can usually buy your car same day or by the very next day. This is seriously the easiest way to sell any unwanted car.

  • We are Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

  • We Guarantee Our Quotes

  • We Cover Most Of The USA

  • We Love Our Customers

  • Extremely Easy & Fast

  • Did We Mention We Love Our Customers?

How Our Process Works


Simply give us a quick call or fill out our online form. We will need to find out the details of your vehicle.


We will immediately give you a price that we are willing to pay for your vehicle.


Schedule an estimated time to meet with a tow truck driver, and get your car picked up and paid for.


Your car gets picked up, paid for, and everything is done legally by a licensed auto buying company. It really is that simple. We buy 100’s of cars everyday.

We Cant Please Everyone, But We Do Please Most.

Check out some of what people are saying around the Internet. Obviously, we only put the good ones up for you to see
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Of Car Buying Locations In Our Network
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We Love People Who Sell Us Their Car

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BOOM! It doesn't matter if you sell us your car or not...we are only here to help in any way that we can.

We Buy Cars Out Of These States And More

Alabama – AL
Colorado – CO
Georgia – GA
Iowa – IA
Maine – ME
Minnesota – MN
Nebraska – NE
North Carolina – NC
Oregon – OR
South Dakota – SD
Vermont – VT
Wisconsin – WI

Arizona – AZ
Connecticut – CT
Idaho – ID
Kansas – KS
Maryland – MD
Mississippi – MS
Nevada – NV
North Dakota – ND
Pennsylvania – PA
Tennessee – TN
Virginia – VA
Wyoming – WY

Arkansas – AR
Delaware – DE
Illinois – IL
Kentucky – KY
Massachusetts – MA
Missouri – MO
New Jersey – NJ
Ohio – OH
Rhode Island – RI
Texas – TX
Washington – WA

California – CA
Florida – FL
Indiana – IN
Louisiana – LA
Michigan – MI
Montana – MT
New Mexico – NM
Oklahoma – OK
South Carolina – SC
Utah – UT
West Virginia – WV