How It Works

So here is how this all works.


Contact us and tell us what kind of vehicle you have. Year, make, model, condition and a few other questions will be asked to help us give you a very accurate quote over the phone.


If you like the amount we offer, then we just get a few extra tidbits of information from you. For example, your full name and the location of the vehicle. After that you wait for one of our dispatchers to contact you. At which time you and the dispatcher will work out a day and time that works best for your schedule to send a tow truck out, pay you cash, and tow the vehicle away. Don’t feel like just because you call us that it means you need to have the car ready for pick up same day. We have customers who schedule a pickup weeks later!


Our tow driver will arrive on schedule and pay you the agreed upon price. The only time we go back on what we quote you is when the vehicle is in much worse condition than what was previously described to us over the phone. Remember, it is sight unseen. So please be completely honest with us about the vehicle. Luckily it’s a rarity, however; there are people out there who will try to lie about the vehicle thinking that it’s a binding verbal agreement. Which it is not. After you sign the vehicle over to us, you will be paid cash! Then we’ll hook up the vehicle and tow it away! You are left with cash, that eyesore is finally gone and now everyone is totally happy!

If you would like to get a quote, please fill out an online form!!