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A young man fresh out of high school was working at a major auto dealership trying to figure out what to do with his life. He was pushing towards the idea of being a mechanic. He saw how the dealership ran its business, treated its employees, and customers. It just didn't seem right. There had to be a better way to do this. He drove the company shuttle and heard the customers sob stories about how they couldn't afford to fix their vehicles, but they had no other choice. The cars weren't even worth fixing, but what other option was there? The dealership would gouge them on service charges to fix broken vehicles. The young man didn't understand how people could afford this type of automotive work.

The young man came from a humble family that could only afford to drive around junk cars. His mom and dad drove around cars that were 20 years old. It was all that they could afford. So he felt for the people that couldn't afford the mechanic work since he and his family have been in that situation many times before. As he continued to work at the dealership he began learning about cars. He learned about a weekly auction that the dealership had that involved the selling off of the junk cars that weren't good enough to put onto their lot. Mostly older trade-ins that the dealership took in, but weren't good enough to sell on the lot. The young man thought that all of the cars he saw were good cars...but just needed some love. So he jumped into the auction one day and bought one. It was a 97 Ford Ranger for $800 dollars. The junk truck was pretty nasty, but it still ran and had low miles. He kept that truck for a year, fixed it up, and painted it. He transformed it into a beautiful truck. When he sold it, he turned a very good profit. The guy that he sold it too was very excited about the truck and paid top dollar for it. It was a great truck! This sparked an idea in the young mans head.

Later the young man was approached by an acquaintance that was getting involved in the auto salvage industry. The acquaintance asked the young man to help him out with his new way of making money that involved old junk cars and recycling. The young man jumped on in and learned all about the auto recycling and auto salvage business. He saw a lot of dishonesty and manipulation. He realized that no matter what, it always seemed like people get taken for a ride (pun intended) when buying cars, selling cars, junking cars, getting their car worked on. BASICALLY THE AUTO INDUSTRY IS GREEDY AS A WHOLE!

“Ha Ha yeah yeah we always talk about how much we love our customers because well... we really do love our customers. Literally! Without them...we don't exist! They are really the ones providing for our families.” ~Andrew Hahn, Co-Owner

From there its all history. That young man went on to saving his money, and learning as much as he possibly could about used cars and recycling old cars. One day he decided "I'm going to help people avoid as many pitfalls with their car as I can." He got together with his brother and started a company in Portland, Oregon. They helped people sell their car fast, no matter what was wrong with it and no matter how old it was. They bought a car dolly and borrowed an old van from their dad to tow cars with. The company grew and grew from its very humble beginnings. People loved the service and word of mouth spread. The company began adding tow trucks, tow yards, mechanics, auto detail, etc.

These two young men are Joel Hahn and his younger brother Andrew Hahn. The operation grew so much that today they now run Junk Car Boys®, a national corporation that is one of the largest car buyers in the nation. They are very serious about their dedication to "Customer Service". They come from a "Customer Is Always Right" background so they continue to stick to that way of doing business.

Joel & Andrew are major jokers and love having a good time and creating a fun atmosphere. That's why the Junk Car Boys are like no other company. They do publicity stunts that are unheard of and take the company in a whole new direction than conventional business. They aim to get the public involved with the Junk Car Boys and make people laugh so they enjoy their experience.

“Selling your car to us is fun, and following our company is fun, because all of us that work here have fun and love what we do. For some crazy reason God continues to bless this company. Ha! I'm really not even smart!” Joel Hahn - Co Owner

The strange thing about the Junk Car Boys is that they aren't looking for the latest and greatest employee with a Masters degree. In fact, they search out people that no one else will hire. They find the guys that are about to end up on the streets. The ones that have made mistakes, but just need someone to give them a chance. The ex drug addicts, and alcoholics. The high school dropouts. "They may not have a whole lot of training or education...but they can learn right? Plus best of all, they are thankful for the opportunity. I love attitudes like that!" Joel Hahn

Its funny because we have many college graduates apply, but I don't think anyone works here yet with a college degree" says Joel, he thinks about it and then yells across the office...

“HEY ANDREW! Have you hired a guy with a college degree yet?" Five seconds later a reply is heard "UMMM NOPE!”

The Junk Car Boys are invading the USA and nobody understands how or why, but people seem to be ecstatic about them and their great caring service.

Joel Hahn

3 words describe this man.




Andrew Hahn

You could basically call him the "Glue" to this place. The only reason this place runs at all is because he's locked away in a basement with no light, making sure this company runs in tip top shape.

David Martin
Sales Manager

He does what all sales managers do. Looks at metrics after he gets yelled at for not looking at metrics.

Joe Ortiz
Dispatch Manager

Forgetful at best, but boy he'll make sure you're a happy customer. How do we know? Customer reviews of course!

Running a nationwide auto buying corporation is no easy task. It takes know-how, determination, skill, brains, & most importantly…a ton of bronze.

These are all skills which the leadership of Junk Car Boys do not possess.

The only thing this sorry group of men can do right, is love & appreciate their customers. Which they seem to do well…and they push that attitude heavily on all the employees.