The Most Exciting Place on Earth

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Come one; come all to the most exciting place on earth, where you have fun selling your junk vehicles!  We have many fun things to experience, come see why we are the place to go to scrap your vehicle.  We have cars as far as the eye can see, use your imagination to be whatever you want.  Climb up, jump down and/ or slide down it is all your preference, enjoy what we have to offer; which is nothing but fun!

We offer the most in town guaranteed! Lucky for you we have trucks running all over the place all the time, so you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get your vehicle to us to scrap the car, we will come get it from you absolutely free.

This is a tough economy and the industry is full of snakes.  How would you like to be driving down the freeway and having your car break down on you? It could be anything from your timing belt breaking to a sensor going out, it doesn’t matter, and anything can happen at any time and you have to be ready for it.  Being prepared is probably the most important thing you could do.  Keeping some kind of supplies in your car works, and being over prepared isn’t a bad idea either.  Being ready for any situation at anytime is best thing you could do.

No matter the situation like I was saying earlier, whatever problem you are having with your vehicle will most likely leave you stranded on the road.  We hear stories all the time of things happening to people while they are going on vacation or even if they are just going down the street, the world is a dangerous place and we need to be looking out for each other, all day; every day.

In this industry, you have to look out for the snakes, when I say snakes I mean scrap car companies that will try and take advantage of you over the phone.  When you call them, they won’t really ask questions about your car, they will ask you what kind of vehicle you have and that they can pay you this much.  Right there is a good indication that when they show up, they are going to try and get you for a much lower price.  They have no idea what kind of condition your car is really in! However they will give you some ridiculous quote for your vehicle! Sometimes when you try to call them back, they won’t answer their phones.  It happens all the time.

We have had many customers who received a higher quote somewhere else, but who end up going through us because the other place just sounded shady.  We are an honest, reliable company who guarantees all our quotes.  We will not hassle you when our driver shows, whatever we tell you over the phone is what you will get when our driver show up.  Call us for your free quote today in the Tampa area!