There are Many Ways to Sell your Car in the Area

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The San Antonio area is full of junk vehicles and there is a hero emerging in the scrap car removal business! The Junk Car Boys is the leading cash for junk vehicles in the San Antonio for a good reason!

Though there are thousands of junk vehicles in the San Antonio area; it’s astonishing how many people don’t know about the businesses that offer these types of services. If you are one of the many people letting a junk automobile sit on your property and collect dust, this blog will kick your butt into gear on getting rid of that junk vehicle and getting you cash on the spot for it!

You may have had a car on your property for the last few years and been telling yourself that you were going to fix it or try to sell it on Craigslist. However, the cold hard truth is, if you don’t do something now, it’s going to sit on your property and collect dust and mold for another two years. Call the us now and get a quote for that junk vehicle immediately.

The process is as simple as tying your shoe! First, you will be greeted by one of our many professional car buyers. The buyer will go through a few simple details regarding your vehicle, such as the vehicle make, model and year; possession of the title and the current condition of the vehicle and then you will be given a quote over the phone. If you like the quote you are given, we will immediately get you in the system, our dispatcher will then contact you to get you set up with a time that works for you. We can almost always get to you within 48 hours of getting you in the system. When our driver comes out to pick up the vehicle he will bring out the exact amount of money you we’re quoted over the phone and never any funny business unlike the other companies, who can’t guarantee their quotes! We also offer free towing on everything we pick up.

Always make sure when you are calling around getting quotes for your vehicle, asking a few simple questions would be in your best interest. Make sure you ask first off if they are a licensed company doing business in the San Antonio area. Many companies that call themselves “Cash For Cars” aren’t operating legally and if you we’re to sell your car to one of these companies, it could come back to bite you! Many of these illegal companies will resell your car to some random person that never switches it out of your name and you could start receiving tickets in the mail and have no idea where they are coming from. Your best bet is to always deal with a licensed trustworthy company in the San Antonio area like the us!

So the next time you or a family member comes to the realization that the one and only option left for your vehicle is to sell it for cold hard cash, then call a trusted junk vehicle company like the Junk Car Boys and get paid the most cash possible for your scrap car every time!

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