Vehicles Left in the Streets

admin Cash For Cars

As you probably already know, New York is littered with junk vehicles! Everywhere you look there are cars corpses, rusted, rotted, and complete junk. Many people have no idea what to do with a horrible ugly car because they just assume nobody in their right mind would want it let alone pay money for it!! If you are one of these people, you have just found somebody that will pay you on the spot.

We are the leading scrap car removal company in New York! We provide an easy, fast, profitable solution to all your car removal needs! If you or anyone you know own an old car that is just wasting space and looking ugly as ever, Get it out of your life! We will not only pick any car up for free, we will pay you the most cash on the spot guaranteed! No other company in the New York area makes junking a car easier or more profitable. We don’t just buy junk either, we buy all kinds of cars in all states! Maybe you have a car that doesn’t look so bad at all? Maybe you just have a new car and simply don’t need it anymore? We have the resources to buy all cars! Or maybe you have a nice car and you unfortunately are in an accident and the vehicle is going to cost way more to fix than it is even worth, don’t worry! It may not be a total loss! Call us and see what we will pay you for your wrecked car. We can almost always tow your vehicle for you same day as well. So let’s say you break down on the side of the highway in your car and you are just done with the pile of junk, before you pay a tow truck company a whole bunch of money to come pick that up and tow it back to your house where it will more than likely sit on your property for years to come while your wife pleads with you to get rid of it because she can’t stand to look at it anymore!!! Save yourself the hassle and put some cash in your pocket at the same time! We will not only come pick up that car on the side of the road for you for free, but we will pay you cash on the spot for your junky car!!

Believe me when I tell you the process is beyond simple, pick up the phone and call us today. You will be greeted by one of our very professional, helpful car buyers. You and the car buyer will go over a few short details regarding the condition of the vehicle and proof of ownership and within a few short minutes you will be given a GUARANTEED quote over the phone for your vehicle. If you like the quote you are given, you and the car buyer will set up a convenient pick up time! When that time comes the driver will show up with any necessary paperwork and the exact amount of money you were quoted!

So remember, next time you or anyone you now have a car in the New York area wasting space and looking ugly, call the Junk Car Boys at 855-355-7243 and get a quote on your car!