We Will Send a Tow Truck to you for Free

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Have you or someone you know in the Las Vegas area ever been stuck with an old, ugly junk vehicle? Maybe it’s sitting on your property still to this day and you don’t have any idea what to do with it! You aren’t the only one; believe me! So many people have a car sitting on their property wasting space and are constantly haunted by its ugly presence every day. Well I am here to tell you about an easy way to get rid of that vehicle and get cash on the spot!


We are Las Vegas’s leading scrap car buyer! We buy any car, anytime, anywhere. That’s right! If you break down on the side of the road, we will not only pick that car up for free, we will pay you cash on the spot!! So if that ever so unfortunate event does happen to you in the future; don’t call a tow truck company to come pick that car up! Not only will you be stuck paying him a whole bunch of money to pick it up, but he will tow it back to your house where it will probably sit for years to come while you keep telling yourself that one day you will fix it. The odds are, you won’t. That vehicle will sit there getting uglier by the day while your wife nags at you to TAKE CARE OF IT! Avoid all that hassle. Call the us at 855-355-7423 and get paid cash on the spot for your vehicle now!  There are actually quite a few car removal companies in the Vegas area. However, don’t just go with any company. Many of them are either running illegally, or give false quotes to try and get you to go with them only to show up on the spot with significantly less cash than was quoted over the phone. A few questions to ask when calling any junk car removal company should include but not be limited to: are you licensed? Does your driver provide bill of sale and receipt? Is the quote I am given a guaranteed quote?


We will guarantee to not only pay you the most cash for your car, but we will pay you exactly what we quote you every time. Don’t just take my word for it, give us a try! Call us now, if you have a car to sell in the Las Vegas area. You will be greeted with utmost customer service by one of our many professional car buyers on hand. You and the car buyer will go over a few short details about the condition of the vehicle and proof of ownership. After only a few minutes on the phone our car buyer will give you a guaranteed quote for your car! If you choose to accept the quote, we get you scheduled for a convenient pick up time. When the time comes to get the vehicle picked up, the driver will show up with cash in hand! You will sign over the title and receive the guaranteed amount on the spot. Our driver will then tow that vehicle out of your sight for good leaving you with a fatter wallet.

We make the process easy and fun! Next time you have a car in the area to get rid of, don’t go with the secondary competition. Call the Junk Car Boys at 855-355-7243 and get exactly what you are quoted for your car every time!