You Want Cash for That!

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Have you ever owned a vehicle in the Kansas City area that you weren’t so proud to call your own? Maybe it’s old and ugly or broken down and too expensive to fix. You probably don’t know what to do with the hunk of junk and you may have tried to sell your car on Craigslist which was just a big hassle and nobody that called was even serious about buying your car and simply wasting your time! Well I am here to tell you about a company that will not only pick up your scrap car for free! But they will pay you cash on the spot!

So many people in the area own an old scrap car and just simply don’t know what to do with it. Most people just give up trying and the old nasty car ends up sitting on their property for the next ten years only getting worse as the days go by. Don’t be one of these people! No matter how nasty, no matter how junkie or funky, No matter how dented and broken down the vehicle is you can always sell your car to the us! If you know the time has come to sell your old car, pick up the phone and call us now! You will be greeted by one of our many professional car buyers and you and the car buyer will go over a few short details regarding the condition of the vehicle and your proof of ownership. If you like the quote you are given and you are ready to sell your car, we will then schedule a pick up time that works for you! When that time comes, the driver will show up on the spot with the guaranteed amount you were quoted over the phone! The driver pays you on the spot and tows that old ugly hunk of metal away for good!

So if you do decide to sell your car in the Kansas City area, you may call around to a few different companies to get quotes. Something to look out for when doing so, are companies giving you false quotes! So you want to sell your car so you call a few companies and one of the companies gives you a quote that is substantially higher than the rest so you decide to schedule a pick up time with them. The only problem with that is, what’s most likely going to happen is the driver will show up with about half of what he quoted you over the phone and try to claim that it was just a quote and the vehicle is in much worse condition than they had originally thought. He will than offer you much less. They do this to get you to quit calling around. Once the driver is already out there and you went through all the hassle, usually you will just end up taking what they offer you once they get there. So remember, always ask the company that you are dealing with if they guarantee the quote they are giving you over the phone.

Next time you have a car to sell, call the Junk Car Boys at 855-355-7243! We guarantee the highest REAL prices in town!