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Have you ever owned a car in the Indianapolis area that you just didn’t need or want anymore? Maybe you tried to sell it on craigslist for dirt cheap only to have people calling you basically asking if you would give it away for free. After you have tried everything, it is more than likely it will just end up sitting on your property collecting dust, rust, and mold for only who knows how long. Don’t be a victim of the scrap car curse!!

We will not only pick up your car for free, but we will guarantee to pay you the most cash in town! So many people don’t know that there is an easy profitable solution to getting rid of that pile of junk on your property. We don’t just buy junk vehicles either! Maybe you have a vehicle that you just don’t use anymore for one reason or another, pick up the phone and call us now, we will give you a quote on any car, anywhere!  Maybe it’s a newer car that unfortunately has been involved in an accident recently and lot of people just don’t have the crazy amount that it costs to repair a severely damaged vehicle. A lot of the time, it will cost more money to fix the vehicle than the vehicle is even worth! Give us a call today so that we can get you a quote within minutes! We have the resources to give the most money possible for a vehicle even if it is wrecked! A lot of other companies will give you a very low quote because all they can do with it is crush it for the metal. We use the WHOLE car, part by part so we can pay way more than the competition. If you do call around to get quotes on your junk or wrecked car, make sure you ask if the company you are dealing with at the time, if they guarantee there quotes. Many companies will throw out a number over the phone that you like, only to show up with half the money that they told you over the phone declaring the vehicle is much worse than they thought it would be. They use these tactics to get you to quit calling around and then once they are out there and you have already spent all this time, they are banking on the fact that you will be willing to take a big chunk less so you don’t have to go through the whole process again. Don’t support this dishonest business tactics! We guarantee our quotes!

The process is beyond simple, call us now! You will be greeted by one of our many professional car buyers in your area. You and the buyer will go over a few short details regarding the condition of the vehicle and the proof of ownership. The buyer will give you a quote for your vehicle within 5 minutes!! If you like the quote you are given, you and the buyer will schedule a pick up time that works for you! When the time comes, the driver will show up with the guaranteed amount you were quoted and he will pay you in exchange for your proof of ownership and receive the bill of sale and receipt on the spot!

So remember, don’t go with a dishonest company that won’t pay you what they tell you over the phone. Call the Junk Car Boys at 855-355-7243 and get the most cash guaranteed for you junk car today!!