Best Car Removal Service in Detroit

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Do you or anyone you know have a scrap car in the Detroit area collecting dust? Most people don’t know that there is actually a profitable easy solution to getting rid of that pile of junk! Call us today and get paid cash for your junk vehicle!

Everywhere you look in the Detroit area you can spot a junk vehicle sitting on someone’s property and/or broke down on the side of the road. Most of these people don’t know that they can turn that hunk of junk into cold hard cash! Let’s clean up the Detroit area of all these pitiful looking clunkers! So let’s say you are driving an old beater that finally decides it has no life left to give and now you are broken down on the side of the road with mascara all over your face from tears of frustration. So you think there is only one option, to call a greasy tow truck driver that will charge you a fortune to tow that car back to your house. Once the vehicle is back at your house it will remain their serving absolutely no purpose, but to look ugly and only get uglier over the years as it collects dust, rust, mold, and moss. Let me suggest an option that will better suit your wallet, call us today and get a possible pickup today! If you break down on the side of the road and you come to the realization that it’s probably not smart to put any more money into the vehicle, not only will we come pick it up for FREE, but we guarantee to pay you the most cash on the spot!

We are the leading Cash for Cars Company in the Detroit area, waiting for your phone call to junk that funk. Whether it’s a junky or old, broken down on the side of the road, or a nicer car that was in a bad accident, we will buy any vehicle! Believe it or not it’s actually a very simple process; you give us a call and you will be greeted by one of our many professional, polite car buyers and he will ask you a few short questions pretty much anyone can answer regarding the vehicle and title. The driver will soon give you a guaranteed quote over the phone and if you like that quote that you are given, you will schedule a pick up time that works for you! When the scheduled time to pick up your vehicle arrives, the driver will show up on the spot with cash in hand. He will then write you a bill of sale and receipt for your vehicle and tow it out of your life for good, so you never have to see it again, leaving you with tons of cash in hand!

So the next time you decide that the time has come to get rid of that junk vehicle, you won’t hesitate to call the best car removal business in the Detroit area, the Junk Car Boys! Call 855-355-7243 now for your free quote and be the next to attest to the best!