Junk your Vehicle in the Dallas Area and Get the Most Cash

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This is a blog for all the people in the Dallas area with a junk vehicle they are looking to scrap. Thousands of people in the Dallas and surrounding areas are not so proud owners of a junk vehicle. Whether it be old and rusty, or broken down or maybe it’s a newer vehicle that was in a bad accident and just isn’t worth the money to fix it. Either way, you don’t have to let it sit on your property any longer collecting dust and looking ugly, you have an easy profitable solution, call us today and get a cash quote in minutes!

Junking a car in the Dallas area has never been easier! So many people will just let their car sit there for years telling themselves one day they will fix it or try to get rid of it on craigslist. The fact of the matter is, it will probably just sit on your property for another few years, it is time to take action! Call us and see how you can turn that totaled out car into some cold hard cash in your pocket! Maybe you are driving down the road in your beater listening to Nirvana and all of a sudden out of no where, Kaboom! Your vehicle’s heart exploded and glides to a stop on the side of the road. What is the first thing that probably comes to mind..? Call a tow truck driver to tow it back to your house so you can stress out trying to figure out what your options are right?? WRONG! Skip all that hassle and don’t pay a rude tow truck driver a bunch of money to tow a pile of junk back to your house just so it can sit and look ugly on your property! Let’s be smart about this people, next time your car fails on you, call us up and get that junk vehicle removed for free.

Junking a car in the Dallas area has never been easier. However, on the other hand there are some things to watch out for, recently a lot of companies calling themselves “Cash for Cars” are popping up. Most of these guys are unlicensed guys with a tow truck picking up cars and not only are they operating illegally, but, when you call them, they will give you a quote over the phone that sounds too good to be true, but the fact of the matter is, 99% of the time it is to good! When the driver shows up to pick up your vehicle, he will use some tactics to try to get you to take less money and he may tell you there is a lot more body damage or say there is actually engine components missing that aren’t! It’s just the dishonest tactics they have to use to try and compete with our REAL prices.

Next time you have a scrap car to get rid of in the Dallas area, call the Junk Car Boys at 855-355-7423 and deal with an honest company!