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Junk Car Boys is a free Cash for Cars service in Cleveland that gets you the top dollar for your car.

You are probably having a hard time selling your junk car for some time now. If we’re right about this, then we believe that you probably received a lot of calls from “dealers” and “junk car for cash” companies all promising the best deal you can ever imagine. If you’re reading this I would understand that all those offers were rubbish. I understand your predicament. We’ve all been that road before and we’re here to lend you a hand.

In order to get an upper hand on a deal you need to know what you’ve got yourself into. That includes learning how the whole industry works and the truths behind the lies. Just in case you didn’t know the “junk car for cash” industry is a very lucrative one. This is the main reason why a lot of illegal “dealers” and “junk car for cash” companies have devised a lot of strategies to try and get your junk car at the lowest price possible in Cleveland, OH. However, whatever the strategy they use, it’s all based on deception with the intent of cheating you and putting you in the losing end of the bargain.

To make matters worse, you won’t know for sure if these illegally-operating companies would really take your junk car apart for scrap metal. There have been cases where these junk cars would end up being fixed and sold as second-hand vehicles or worse, it may be used for illegal activities. Since there was no paperwork involved, technically it is still registered under you name and any parking ticket, car accident or crime committed using the vehicle will be under your liability.

To avoid having such a nightmare, here are a few tips on how you can maximize the amount of money you can earn from your junk car. First, check the car for anything that is still usable. That includes rims, tires, batteries, and radiators. If these items are still in good working condition, take these out and sell these items separately. On the average, these items would fetch a couple hundred dollars.

After taking any usable items out, make sure that all fluids (gas, oil, and coolant) are drained out. Before calling a buyer, make sure that you have the car title with you since legally-operating companies would only buy a car that you can claim ownership. Make a list of any damages on the car as well as parts that do not work. This will give you a rough idea how much you would want to sell you car. Expect buyers in to ask questions about the overall condition of the vehicle and your assessment of your car will help a lot especially once a buyer begins to discuss about the price they’re willing to pay.

Everybody deserves a fair deal and that is what Junk Car Boys in Cleveland is all about. We are a legally-operating, licensed, bonded, and insured company duly recognized by the government. We take care of the paperwork and send out the tow truck for free. It’s a win-win situation since not only were we able to help maximize your profits, but we will pay for your junk car in cash as well.

Selling your junk car has never been so fair and easy. Contact us today for a fast and fair deal!


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