How Much Can you Get for your Scrap Vehicle?

admin Cash For Cars

Many people are wondering the same thing, “how much money can I get?” Well that question is easily answered.  We are an operation that gives out the most money in the Austin, TX area.  We operate 6 days a week, so if you can’t or don’t have time to get your vehicle picked up, we are here for your to make it happen.  We will make sure to get the highest quote possible. 

Located right in the heart of Austin, we are a company that does our best to make sure that our customers get close to what they are looking for, for there scarp car.  Sometimes calling around is a hassle and not really worth doing; keeping you on the phone for 20 minutes or so passing the phone around the room, making it hard for you to get an exact quote.  Finally when you do get your quote, you spent so long being on the phone that you decide to go with the quote that they gave you just to get it over with.  Well, chances are you got low-balled bad and now you feel like all junk places are like this.  Well I am here to tell you right now that that is not a true statement at all.

The real truth is like this: Our Company is one of the only ones left that actually give you a legit quote, usually within 30 seconds or less, we can have your quote for you and have you setup within minutes of giving you your quote! Don’t believe me, give us a try and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Unfortunately, there are other companies out there that give companies like us a bad name.  They use different tactics to try to get your vehicle for a low price, pretty much by low-balling you.  One of the tactics being used involves giving you a high quote over the phone to try and get you to quit calling around and then showing up and telling you that you’re missing parts and/or have aftermarket parts under the hood their lying and it happens all the time.  They will try to get it for hundreds less than what they originally quoted you.

Don’t be a part of this scheme and don’t fall for lying companies that try to take advantage of who ever and whomever they want.  It happens all the time to honest citizens all over the place.  Don’t be a part of the scandal that is going on.  Get informed and get involved.

The nice thing about going through a company like us is we are honest and reliable, we are also insured and we thrive in getting you a great deal.  Our tow truck drivers show up on time and we have the money in hand to give to you as soon as you sign off the title.  We have many customers and many new customers that we get each and every day.

If you are looking at for a company that will pay you the most money on the spot give us a call today so we can get the process started for you.  Don’t fall for the unlicensed and uninsured companies to will do nothing but take advantage of you.  Call a legit company that is known for their honesty.  Call us today.