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Ever found yourself at a loss with an old junk car in the Atlanta area? Didn’t think you could sell it because it’s told old and ugly or broken down and will cost way too much to fix? Well, you aren’t alone! So many people end up just letting it sit on their property for who knows how long collecting all kinds of funky smells and substances… These days are over my friends! I am here to tell you about us! The leading scrap car removal company in Atlanta!

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Everywhere you look there are junk or wrecked cars around the Atlanta area. You would be amazed how more than half the people that own these cars just let them sit on their property because they simply don’t know how to get rid of them. Maybe they have tried to sell it on Craigslist to no avail either because they were called with some ridiculous offer or even better, they call trying to trade you something even worse than your car! So after trying everything they can think of, they give up and the car ends up sitting somewhere doing absolutely nothing, just collecting nature all inside and outside it; you should of got rid of it when you had the chance you think to yourself.  Everyday your wife is nagging at you to get rid of it!! Avoid all the mess! Call us and get a quote on your vehicle today! We don’t just buy your junk cars either, we have the resources to take on pretty much any vehicle! Maybe it’s a car that works fine but you just simply no longer have any use for it.  Maybe it’s a newer car that you unfortunately were involved in an accident with and it’s too expensive to fix. We will literally buy any car you throw at us!

If you do decide to sell your car, you might be calling around getting quotes as many people do. If you do decide to call around, let me give you a little advice. Many companies in the Atlanta area that will simply call themselves “cash for cars” will give you a false quote over the phone that sound great. When the driver shows up he will usually bring about half what he quoted you and try to talk you out of the vehicle by saying it’s in much worse condition than they originally thought. They do this because they simply can’t compete with our REAL prices. So if you do decide to call around, make sure you always ask if whatever company you are on the phone with will guarantee you the quote they give! We ALWAYS guarantee you whatever you are quoted over the phone.  If another company does give you a higher quote, write down the company name and number and in almost all cases we will match or beat that quote for you!

So remember if you have a Junk Car to sell in the Atlanta area, go with the trustworthy guys over at the Junk Car boys! Pick up the phone and call 855-355-7243 for your free quote in just minutes!