we buy unwanted cars & send a tow truck to pickup and pay. It's that simple!

Hi! We are the Junk Car Boys and we buy cars all across the USA! We have been buying America’s cars for over 8 years now.

We have car buying locations in almost every major US city. If you are interested in selling your car, then give us a call or fill out an online form.

We can usually buy your car same day or by the very next day. This is seriously the easiest way to sell any unwanted car.

  • Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

  • We Guarantee Our Quotes

  • We Cover Most Of The USA

  • We Love Our Customers

  • Extremely Easy & Fast

  • Did We Mention We Love Our Customers?

How Our Process Works


Simply give us a quick call or fill out our online form. We will need to find out the details of your vehicle.


We will immediately give you a price that we are willing to pay for your vehicle.


Schedule an estimated time to meet with a tow truck driver, and get your car picked up and paid for.


Your car gets picked up, paid for, and everything is done legally by a licensed auto buying company. It really is that simple. We buy 100’s of cars everyday.

We Cant Please Everyone, But We Do Please Most.

Check out some of what people are saying around the Internet. Obviously, we only put the good ones up for you to see
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They’re not kidding when they say they love their customers and care about customer service.
I had an old car that I wanted to get rid of before the registration and state inspection expired. I started requesting online quotes from several different places with no responses. I came across these guys and within five minutes of requesting a quote on the website I got a response/offer, which was awesome. I had few more questions after the initial request, they were all answered promptly.

So then there was a problem with the towing company. They were impossible to get in touch with to schedule a time for the physical transaction. I emailed Ben about it out of frustration – he called immediately to apologize and set me up with a different towing company. After that? Everything was taken care of and I was car free.

My overall experience was great. Who knows what happened to the first towing company but it was out of their control. I really couldn’t have asked for better customer service. Thanks!

a few weeks back my car died out, so I filled out an online Quote and sent some pictures via email. Much to my surprise I was asked to call them, and they advised me to put it on craigslist and gave me some tips on how to word it. needless to say the car sold the next day. They were very straight forward and honest and I appreciate their integrity! Most businesses only care about the profit margin…they went out of their way to look out for me a potential customer. 5 star rating!
After deciding my old car was not worth the time or cost of repairs it needed I contacted Junk Car Boys to come take it away. Between the free tow and what I felt was a fair offer for the car there was really no need to haggle or negotiate. They showed up promptly and on time with all the necessary paperwork ready to go. They were courteous and and friendly throughout the process. I could not be happier.
These guys are awesome. They are definitely the real. They were very patient while I had to take care of some paperwork and kept in touch. They were here to pick up my car quickly and gave me exactly what they quoted me over the phone without even seeing the car. No hassles and no stress! Thank you Chris and Charles and the rest of the crew.
I had the most wonderful experience with Junk Car Boys. My elderly parents needed to finally get rid of a car that had been sitting in their garage for about 13 years. I called around and Junk Car Boys gave me the highest price AND was willing to go to Woodburn to pick up the car. Chris the driver had so much compassion for my parents that when they tentatively told him they were hoping their beloved car wouldn’t be parted out, he told them he thought it was a car that an owner would like to have and fix it up. Later when we were outside talking I thanked him for being so sensitive to my parents and he told me he so understood what they were feeling – his grandpa was the same way and he wanted them to feel good about the experience! Thanks so much – you’re the best!
I was in a hurry to sell b/c my neighbors called the police about my totaled car. I’d already looked around and found some pretty low offers, so when I talked to these guys I just had a minimum price that I didn’t think they’d go for. The guy I talked to (Charlie) was awesome. I actually sent in pictures of the shape my car was in so there would be no discrepancies about pricing, since I’d heard companies try to pay less when they show up.
They saw my car was pretty beat up, yet Charlie offered me a little more than my minimum, which was cool beans. I talked to another guy (Sam) who helped me finish setting up the schedule to be towed ASAP and explained how everything worked.
So the day my car is supposed to be towed (Fri), the tow truck hasn’t shown up and it’s getting late. I called Sam, who got me the right number to call. Everyone I talked to was very helpful, although I ended up not being able to get a hold of the tow truck driver. I had to wait till Monday to figure it out. Who would get my car? The police, or the auction house? DUN DUN DUNN.
Anyway…. come Mon, I called Sam again. He was very friendly, helpful, and pointed me in the right direction. This time, everything went smoothly with the tow and I got monies!! JCB wins the race!
Ahem…. sorry it’s long, but I wanted to emphasize the awesome customer service from JCB, even with the towing issue. Good jerb, guys. Goooood jerb.
Great place to sell my junk car! All I needed was my title and I was able to get the car out of my place within 2 days but if you call them before 12pm you can get the car out by the next day. All Towing is free and the price I got for my car was very good. The people there are very reasonable.
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