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We heard that you are currently in a difficult situation right now and it is connected with a car that you do not know what to do with anymore. This is a normal situation and you share the same dilemma with thousands of other people in the Boston.

So your current situation is that you have a car that is simply stashed in your garage because you do not use it anymore. It could be that it does not work anymore or is simply at the shop but is just not worth fixing. If you do get it fixed, you will be paying exorbitant fees for it.  The next thing to consider would be to sell it to those who are still interested.  You put up your ad on the internet or in your local Boston newspaper.

You will be shocked as to how many people will be calling your phone day in and day out just to ask about your car. Most of these callers would even be shady people trying to ask pointless questions and would even make empty promises to come and check on your vehicle.  There are those who are true to their word but they are also those who will try to ask for more discounts on the price – something that you have not agreed on over the phone.  Once you say no, they will even tell you down and make you feel dumb for asking such a price for your car.


There will also be representatives from various “cash for cars” companies in Boston, MA that will be contacting you. You have to be careful because there have been news about these companies that are involved in illegal activities.  Most of the representatives will try to call you on the phone and make you agree with him or her at a certain price.  Once he or she arrives at your home and checks the car, he or she will then try to lower the price he or she is offering for your car.  This is actually a very rampant tactic used by companies that specialize in “cash for junk cars”.

Car crushers are another story.  Majority of these companies are also considered shady or illegal.  They do not have the papers or documents to certify that they are legal companies.  Most of them also have fake websites that are also listed under fake names. This could be very dangerous for you.  You certainly do not want to be involved with the people who are into illegal activities or else you might also be pinpointed as one of them.

In order to be saved from all of these unwanted things, be sure to find a Boston company that is completely insured, legal, and trustworthy. This is where we come into the picture.  We specialize in buying old cars, but we do it the right way.  We also do all of the paperwork, so that means you do not have to worry about a single thing. If you are interested, try calling us today and we will give you a fast quote for your car!


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