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So, it seems that you are caught in dilemma as to what you should be doing with that big old car you have outside your house in Austin, Texas.  You took it to the repair shop to have it checked and it turned out that you would be spending a lot more on the repairs. The next logical thing to do would be to sell it for cash.


The next step towards selling your car would be to put up your advertisement in the local Austin newspaper or on the internet. You will actually be surprised as to how many people would be contacting you who seem to be interested with the car that you are selling. Many will try to call you up to ask a lot of questions regarding your car and there will also be those who will be asking questions that do not even make sense anymore. There are also those who will promise to stop by your area to take a look at your car and those that do are usually the ones that will do their best to try to haggle the price that was originally agreed upon. This could really be annoying and this would certainly try your patience.

cash for cars austin

We Guarantee the most cash for junk cars in Austin, Texas.


It has also reached the news that there are actually companies that specialize in cash for junk car removal and are not licensed to do so.  This could be very dangerous on your part.  Imagine this scenario: you sell off your car to the unlicensed company, which sells your car to shady people who in turn, makes use of your car to do illegal activities. Your title is not yet released, which means that you are still the legitimate owner of the car.  Once the people get busted, your name will appear as the owner of the vehicle. The outcome would then be bad – you get connected to the crime even when you are innocent.


Taking your car to the car crushers could be a good thing – as long as the company is legitimate.  Actually, a lot of car crusher companies operate with no license – in other words, they should not exist.  As a result, they put up their own websites that are actually smokescreens for the activities that they do. They also “register” the websites using fake names.  Majority of these companies do not even pass their paperwork! They are only after your car and whether or not you have a title, they will proceed with the crushing of your car.


Because of this, you really need to find an Austin, Tx company that is legitimate, trustworthy, and insured! We buy junk cars with cash and we see to it that all of your needs are satisfied when it comes to selling your car.  We make sure that the amount that you get for your car is fair.  You also do not have to worry about the paperwork because we will be the ones to take care of that.  Try contacting us and we will give you a fast quote on your vehicle.  Call us today!


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